1.Absorbing Hazardous Chemical Substances and Degrading them Microbially.

Countless cavities on the surface of binchotan absorb hazardous chemical substances (like volatile organic compound) which will then be degraded by the microorganisms that live inside those cavities.

2.Giving Out Natural Minerals into the Drinking Water

Binchotan contains natural minerals such as calcium, iron, magnesium, etc., in easily water-soluble way.


Binchotan is an excellent deodorizer as it absorbs the bacteria which often are the cause of repulsive odor.

4.Humidity Conditioning

Binchotan is also known to be effective moisture absorbent with its countless cavities. Place them in the shoe boxes / wardrobes to condition humidity.

5.Termite Control

Place binchotan under the floor, and it works as termite repellent as termites are known to be attracted to high temperature and high humidity.

6.Hyperthermia Effect of Far Infrared Rays

Binchotan emits far infrared rays and reports have been made that placing binchotan in the bath improves your blood circulation.

Electron Micrograph of Binchotan