Binchotan and flowers / Yasushi Otsuki

Binchotan and flowers

Engaged in flower arrangement, I sometimes encounter rare plants that are hardly seen in my daily life. If I should name one of such most impactful organic beings, I would say that is binchotan.
Binchotan arranged in space just like flower arrangement.
To me, creating designs using binchotan might be the same as arranging flowers.
When I arrange binchotan in space with each having different shape and weight, I would talk to binchotan just like I always do when arranging flowers, and naturally some kind of form will be created.
Some binchotan may want to tilt rightward, turn to the left, stand up or have its expression (or burnt aspect with particularly impressive features) turned this way.
As I bring out each character to the full and meet each request as far as possible, each binchotan will be part of my work which will bring Binchotan and I together.
Binchotan and flowers.
Both are organic with the one being short lived plants and the other reborn by traditional craftsmanship of charcoal makers in Kishu.
Binchotan and flowers are always breathing and I sincerely hope that they will help me with my work for the better expression.

August 17, 2010

Yasushi Otsuki
Flower arranger and owner of Hanatarou Ltd.
Studied flower arrangement under the late Keiichi Hosaka.
Succeeded Hanatarou in 2006.
Designing Hanatarou style based on Hosaka's style, Otsuki has been working hard to hand down Hanatarou's style to future generations.