Color and shape of Binchotan [Water Surface / Twilight] | Atsuhito Otake

Color and shape of Binchotan [Water Surface / Twilight]

What do I expect in Binchotan?
Beautiful and novel decoration?
Effective purification or fuel?
For me, just because I see some power in its glow.
So, why not feel satisfied simply with its color and form?
That' s right! I can feel the same in Binchotan as what I saw on my way back from "Water Surface (collection)."
(Excerpt from my creation notes)

I try to capture something from the surface of the lake with borderless lights reflecting on it.
The scenery has full of colors, but I get nothing and a day is almost over.

Soon the wind stops and again water becomes perfectly quiet. Day is over and night falls. Slowly all the colors fade out and there appears a world of darkness and light.


Enveloped in darkness, I now see the water surface which no more has brilliant colors but now has beautiful charcoal color and form glistening.

To be part of this scenery, I had to stay in the boat for long hours trying to collect various expression of water surface.

I had always wanted to put such experience into some kind of shape. Then I found Kishu Binchotan shaped as if harboring its soul with shiny and transparent color. It did not take me for a long time to associate such attractive Binchotan with my valuable and unforgettable experience on the boat. It was not necessary to decorate exaggeratedly if I could encounter the very one that directly talked to me, I thought.

So why not use your senses to the fullest when selecting Binchotan and reflect yourself on the charcoal? I am sure you will find your best Binchotan but will not be able to tell why.
If you have chances to visit Tanagokoro, I hope you will enjoy my work reflecting my valuable experience.

August 19, 2009

Atsuhito Otake
Artist, Associate Professor, Kogakuin University Finished his master program in Graduate School of Fine Arts, Tokyo University of Arts.
His works include glass sphere pinhole cameras with photos reflected inside the spheres, installation of light and darkness and recently "water" -related works, which are housed in The Art Institute of Chicago, The Museum of Art, EHIME, Fuchu Art Museum, The Museum of Modern Art, Gunma, etc.