A TRACE | Yoh Komiyama

Binchotan x lacquer

-As invisible becomes visible, what used to be visible emerges as a blank-
I contemplated this while creating my work, a sort of plane sculpture.
I believe that Japanese appreciate traces of things by which memories that were living things remain as a form, and that this kind of aesthetic sense is intimately associated with the Japanese view of life and death.
For this work, I first digitally scanned a cross section of Binchotan, made the section into copper plate and then printed it on paper by means of thermocompression so as to extract the delicate shape of the Binchotan cross section.
It is an empty shell of Binchotan, so to speak, using the mechanism of tree carbonization. I hope you will be attracted by the various expressions of Binchotan depicted on each piece of my work displayed in the shop window.

Yoh Komiyama
Interior product designer
Dedicated to designing between the ordinary and extraordinary.
Graduated from the Tama Art University.
Established dan to yoh in New York in 2009.
Established YOH KOMIYAMA DESIGN in Tokyo and Shanghai in 2011.